My Issues With Shapewear


Shapewear is always something I’ve been afraid of.  I always imagine it being something grannies wear, like underneath skirts...

I also saw it as a sign of defeat.  surely I should really be more closely monitoring my diet and exercising more instead of resorting to an incredibly tight piece of elastic to hold everything in.

But the celebs you see on the red carpet must be wearing shapewear.  Look at Kim Kardashian in this gorgeous Vera Wang dress.  She has to be rocking some serious lycra based outfit under there?  Or perhaps she didn’t eat for days...

I have previously owned a pair of pull-in pants, that I wear on the ‘fat’ days we all have, but is there anything else out there.  I’m going on a mission to find the perfect shapewear.  It has to be pretty too, I don’t want to look like I”m wrapped in surgical bandages.

I’m actually loving the look of this Body Wrap slip.  I wonder if it’s any good.  

The main problem I have with finding shapewear is I have a bigger bust so I have to go for a bigger overall size shapewear, which then doesn’t actually hold anything in around the important stomach/hip/thigh area.

Perhaps I need something more like this high waisted thong from La Senza (although it is sure to be crippling around the rear nethers!)

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