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So, we're coming up to Spring again (Yay, I hear you cry!  No more snow!)  Spring is always the time when I like to take inspiration from the catwalks and put it towards wedding trends.  Whether you are the bride, or if you are just a guest at a wedding in 2011, hey you might even be going to the Royal wedding, it's nice to follow the current catwalk trends, but in a more toned down manner.

The inspiration for this wedding trend came from a single photograph. Sometimes that is all it takes to come up with an idea.

Note: If you are on the hunt for the perfect theme or style for your wedding, please don't limit yourself to looking through bridal magazines. Although they are a great source of inspiration, you can often end up with a wedding styled exactly the same as a hundred other brides. For a totally unique day, you need to look a little further afield.

Whether it is your favourite film, a style of music or cooking that you and your partner share or simply an era that embodies your personalities perfectly. Inspiration is all around us.

So, this is the image that planted this seed of thought into my brain, and once it was there I couldn't get rid of it. Elegant and sophisicated, but not too feminine, this is a perfect wedding theme for anyone looking to add a touch of class to their special day.

Coming next: The perfect colour palette

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