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My favourite web-found niceties of this week!

I love these cute finger illustrations, they brought a smile to my face!

We've started looking at houses so I'm currently obsessed with home decor.  I love the optical illusion effect on this wallpaper... Perfect for one wall of a study

Although the name makes me cringe, this little heel slip-overs are a great way of dressing up a simple pair of shoes to match an outfit.

I wish I could!

This 3.1 Phillip Lim bag is to die for!

The layering on this Givenchy gown is amazing.  The subtle hints of color set it off perfectly.

I adore illustrations by Garance Doré.  They are simply stunning.

I'm not a huge fan of everything Valentine's.  It all gets a little OTT for me, but this is a great collection.

This cake is amazing.  If I was to have my wedding over again, this would definitely be my choice!

I love wedding invitations that tell a story about how the couple met.  The colour palette of this piece is perfect too. Neither too masculine or too feminine.

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