Recycled Fashion


Tesco is the next retail giant to tentatively leap into ethical fashions. 

Eco-friendly fashions are becoming more and more popular since a.) the styles are becoming more fashionable and b.) they are becoming more affordable.
Tesco's main fashion label F&F has teamed up with From Somewhere to produce this new eco-friendly line. Not only are the pieces produced from recycled materials (made from Tesco pieces that would otherwise be thrown away), they are also produced in an eco-friendly factory based in Sri Lanka.
I'm not too sure about the pieces that are shown on the visual, I can't see them being snapped up by too many people due to their styling. I would prefer to see skirts made of multiple fabrics, giving the whole line more of a 'handmade' feel - as seen on skirts by UK designers Polka Dot Pink

This comes at a great time as it follows the wake of the scrutiny clothing giants are under about what happens to their clothing once it is withdrawn from stores - hopefully the steps that Tesco are taking will be shared by others!
Let's hope everyone starts to care a little more about the 'green image' their company portrays to it's consumers!

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