Feeling Thrifty


Today was a good day for thrift store purchases!  I managed to snag three skirts and a pair of trousers for $8!

Photos to follow, just as soon as I get home...

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I'm Loving Orange


I'm really loving orange this season.  Here are a few of my favourite picks:
£55 (Approx $88 CAD)
£65 (Approx $103 CAD)
Striped T-Shirt - $24, Cargo Pants - $24, Check Shirt - $19

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For Japan With Love - #Japan


Tomorrow I will be participating in the Bloggers Day of Silence for the disaster relief effort in Japan.

Please donate whatever you can to help the relief effort.

My thoughts are with the people of Japan and their families around the world.

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Prada Creepers

So, the latest fashion fad to come of the runway is the Prada Creeper!  The strange amalgamation of a brogue, an espadrille and a running shoe, this footwear is starting to cause a craze!
Prada stores received a few pairs of the shoes which sold out almost instantly.  Now they are available on a pre-order basis.  The shoes are totally customizable down to the colour and size of platform, and you can expect to receive your very own pair of  Prada Creepers in only 6-8 weeks (perfect for the summer months, I hear you cry!)
Retailing at over $800, they are definitely a luxury purchase.  I'm interested to see which high street stores venture down this path.  I'm undecided on this trend.  They look funky in a strange sort of way, and you can tell they would be really comfortable.  Hey, the even look good with a dress.  I'm just not sure I could get on the bus in the morning without some people looking at me like I had gone crazy with three pairs of shoes and a glue gun!

{Images Courtesy of Grazia Daily}

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Lakme, Swedish Summer, and Pallavi Mohan


I've been loosely following Lakme fashion week.  I love to see the designs, but I find a lot of it isn't suited to our Western market.

I saw this design today though on the Pallavi Mohan show that would be perfect for the Swedish Summer trend. Look at that detailing and how it moved down the runway.  Simply stunning.

Mohan has a great philosophy when it comes to her collections.  She would rather more people wore her designs than just being considered as a prestige label.  Therefore she has two collections.  One high end Indian wear and a ready to wear, more affordable line.  Making the brand accessible to everyone.

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Love This... I Agree!

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Blue Skies and Club Monaco

It's finally starting to feel like Spring.  Two days of bright blue skies and sunshine.  I even went out for a walk at lunchtime yesterday without fearing for my life (and my behind) on the icy paths.

I love this time of year.  In February you feel like the winter is never going to end and then suddenly you see the first signs of Spring.  The Winter boots and snow jacket are cast away for cuter, lighter styles and you actually start to feel stylish again!

Here are a few pieces from Club Monaco that will be fantastic for Spring!

 I'm desperate to find a pair of cute trousers like this to wear with brogues and heels this season. I can't find a pair that fits well though. 
I love the floaty maxi dress paired with the harder, more masculine heels.  However, I would team this with a leather jacket instead of the safari style shirt.

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Weekend Purchases!


Happy Monday!  Over the weekend we ended up on a mini road trip to Moncton, which inevitably involve a wander around the shops!  I initially went to try on the trousers I blogged about earlier. I initially wanted to grab the pale tan pair that were on the newspaper ad I found but my gaze was caught by a pair of vivid orange trousers that looked a lot similar to the Zara pair in my earlier post.
However, as I always find to be the case in H&M.  I couldn't find a size that fit well.  One size was just a tiny bit snug and the next size up was so bit they fell down when I put them on!  I did the tried and tested method or trying a few sizes on in case the measurements differed to no avail.  In this case, $9.95 is definitely too cheap for a good pair of slacks!

So, how to console myself?

With jewellery obviously!

Here are my purchases:

I saw this on one of the mannequins in the store window and ran in straight away to grab it.  I hate real life bugs but love anything like this in necklace (not real) form.  It has really lovely pastel colours on it.  My new Summer staple necklace!
I'm really low on gold earrings and accessories so I opted for this sparkly bow ring
and this value pack of gold and pearl earrings.  Perfect!

Purchases: H&M, Moncton
Bug Necklace - $6.95
Gold Bow Ring - $6.95
9-Pair Pack of Gold/Pearl Earrings - $4.95 (bargain!)

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Strawberries and Champagne


Strawberries and Champagne: "Welcome to the world of Strawberries and Champagne! Here you will find the daily musings of an English gal living in Atlantic Canada, who is obsessed with trends & fashion."

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Topshop Comes to Canada


Why does this have to be announced when The Bay is closing in Halifax, Nova Scotia?

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Amazing Graphic Print Dress from @asos


I love the pattern and colour on this dress from A.P.C Madras.

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MICHI - Bold, Sexy Fashion/Fitness Wear


I'm embarking on my annual, get in shape for the beach plan, and this weekend I joined a new gym.  This means a whole new outfit is needed, of course!

Whilst on my search, I found this amazing new collection by MICHI over at FASHION Magazine.

The collection was designed by Michelle Watson, based in Toronto, and caters for the market of individuals who want to look stylish while they work out.

Taking a glance through the look book, there are some beautiful pieces.  I love the juxtaposition of different styles of fabrics, and the simple black, slate grey and deep blue colour palette.

As much as I love this collection, and see Michelle's point of view when designing it, I don't feel it is something I could wear to my local gym without getting stares or causing people to fly backwards off of their treadmills.  MICHI's aim is to fill the gap between "provocative, glamorous lingerie and comfortable, utilitarian athletic wear" - which they have definitely succeeded in doing.

Although, I could maybe wear this outfit without causing too much commotion...

... However, this one may cause some heart rate monitors to skip a few beats!
You can follow the latest MICHI updates over at their Twitter feed.

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Cacharel A/W 2011 Review - #PFW

Today we saw another customary Cacharel runway show.  Once again we were delighted by simple, light, feminine designs.  We saw a bland colour palette brought to life with excellent cuts, beautiful patterns and layering of multiple fabrics.

Cacharel isn't showy, it's a brand all about simple, elegant style.  they provide a stark contrast to brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Dior, but the garments are every bit as stunning.

I loved the use of intricate patterning on these simple pieces.  It was also great to see layered fabrics - sometimes sheer, sometimes multiple layers of the same fabric.

 I loved the minimalism of this piece.  The nude boots complemented it perfectly.
My favourite piece of the collection! 
The sheer layering of fabrics is perfect on this feminine piece, which was toughened up slightly by pairing with the nude boots.
The curved wooden heels on the boots were great and sat perfectly with the colour palette

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Nude Nails


I love this nude nail varnish with a bright coral stripe seen at Prabal Gurung.

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Not Just Fashion - Favourite Finds - #FaveFinds

Happy Friday everyone!

Here's my round up of the coolest things I found on the web this week.

I'm really trying to embrace the whole thrifting culture.  Sally shares some great tips in this post

No trip to London is complete without a trip to Liberty (especially at Christmas - they have the most amazing decorations you can ever imagine!)  A great selection of beautiful silk scarf designs are shown here

As anyone I know, I'm a worry wort.  I'm even the first to admit it.  This was purely just some advice for myself, and made me smile!

These cool leggings also made me smile.  By QooQoo Fashion on Etsy, you can get your very own anonymous bear leggings right here

Some great shots of the Balmain A/W 2011 catwalk collection are shown here.  I LOVE this embellished mini-dress.  How glorious is this seventies disco style piece

I loved this colourful blog post, showcasing the amazing colour clashing trend for Spring.  I can't wait to shake off the winter jacket and start wearing some of these colours!

I don't have an iPad (yet!  As I keep telling the hubby!) but the new snap on covers are a great addition, they double as a stand and come in some fab colours to match your Spring outfit!

How amazing are these Jean-Michel Cazabat boots?  They are the perfect mix of feminine and tough. I want a pair!

Like 'A Pair and A Spare,' I've been eying up the oversized zip clutch on all the street style blogs.  I'm so intrigued to see how the DIY went

How amazing is this structural 'naked' shoe by Andreia Chaves?

I'm such a huge fan of hand lettering.  This invitation by Bernadette Pascua is exquisite

This is a great review of the pop up boutique by Colette & Chanel.  The illustrations are so quirky and bring a unique sense of fun to the boutique.  I love it!

Have a great weekend!

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Amazing Colour at Christian Dior - #PFW

I'm loving the bright blue and deep, rich burgundy combo in the Christian Dior A/W 2011 Ready to Wear collection.

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This Just Made My Entire Week!

Ta da da!  Bloglovin for iPhone!

I've been waiting for this app for ever!  Blogloving is my absolute favourite blog feed reader.  I can't wait to try it out on iPhone.

Will let you know how it goes!

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My Next Purchase - The Rolled Up Pant


This weekend, I really have to go out and buy some trousers like this.

This pair is from Zara, but I saw an amazing ad for a pair from H&M for only $9.95!

Yes, $9.95 - I can't believe it.  I need to go and see what they look like in the flesh, but the price is unbelievable.  It even says $14.95 on the H&M website which confuses me a little.

I had intended on making a pair myself.  I found a pattern on Burdastyle that I liked, but at I couldn't even buy the material myself for less than $9.95!

I feel a trip to H&M is in my near future!

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What a Statement Necklace! - Tatty Devine

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am OBSESSED with statement necklaces.  I saw this one today and instantly fell in love with it.

How amazing are the colours on this Tatty Devine necklace, and just look at the size of that thing!  It's amazing

I've gotta get myself one of these!  But I can't find it on the Tatty Devine website.  Knowing my luck it will be discontinued!  If anyone finds it online, please leave me a comment.

I went through a phase a few years ago of buying all my jewellery from Tatty Devine.  Back when everyone was rocking the plectrum bracelets (see below!)  It is the place for statement and quirky jewellery pieces.  Somehow, along the way (probably during my move to Canada) I forgot all about it.  Needless to say I know have a Tatty Devine wishlist the length of my arm!

On another note, I found this necklace featured on the Adorn London blog showcasing jewellery styles found on the streets during London Fashion Week.  It's great to see how people assert their own individuality through the accessories they wear.  Check it out here.

UPDATE: As you can see on the comments on this post, I heard from Tatty Devine and the necklace is part of their Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.  I'm so happy I didn't miss out on it.  I can now plan my winter wardrobe around this necklace!

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Beautiful Lace Cut Out Detail Dress from @asos


I love the detailing on the back of this dress. So cute!

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Spring Break Look


Spring Break Look

A perfect look for a Spring Break trip!

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Riccardo Tisci for Dior?

Interesting development... Take a read.

Cate Blanchett's Ocscar dress from Riccardo Tisci's recent Givenchy Haute Couture collection

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