re: haute couture exquisiteness


just an addition to the last post, that i remembered as i clicked 'publish!' the magnificent paper headpiece shown on the chanel haute couture catwalk also appeared in may's american vogue.

modeled by the extremely beautiful natalia vodianova - it looks fantastic!

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haute couture exquisiteness

i have always been a fan of the haute couture catwalks. when else can you see true creative freedom? the quality and detail shown in the garments is incredible, true fairy tale fashion.

i found the most amazing video this week that i feel highlights the true quality and exquisiteness of haute couture clothing. showing items from the chanel spring 2009 haute couture show you can see the beautiful detailing and pure excellence of each and every piece. so refreshing to see and entire black and white collection having so much attention to detail.

take a look, it won't disappoint, i promise...

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beautiful shoe countdown!

30 days until my beautiful shoes arrive!!!!
(canada - Please stop raining!)

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quick find


i've just been browsing the spring shoes website and noticed the lovely way in which they display their prices. a funky little piece of typography!

not a fashion find I know but it appealed to my graphic design roots!


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i've found an amazing website and blog... modcloth.

they have the most beautiful clothes and accessories ever, and a great vintage collection of fabulous thift store finds. founded in 2002 by susan koger as an outlet to her obsession with buying vintage clothes, modcloth is a mixture of a fabulous vintage boutique and urban outfitters. it helps you create a totally unique sense of style as you wander through the different elements of the store. their 'one of a kind' section has some great pieces (all sold out unfortunately). it has what i call, the 'better side of vintage' - the really good stylish pieces.

there is so much stuff on this site that i simply can't live without, and they ship to canada, yay!

check out these fabulous finds...

p.s. check out their lovely blog and lookbook too... beautiful!

p.p.s this is so my new favourite website, this is exactly the type of clothes i have been searching for! i had to stop my virtual window shop after picking nearly everything from the 'new items' section.

susan, can i open a store in nova scotia for you guys - this is definitely what we need over here!

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to dress up or not to dress up?

so, it's friday again and we're off out downtown on saturday night. since we have moved to nova scotia the hubby and i have found that people tend not to dress up too much to go out over here. unless i'm going to the wrong places, it's almost like people nip into town in the afternoon and end up stopping out in what they are already wearing. the hubby has embraced this, thinking 'well if no-one dressed up then i'm not!' but i can't put myself in that frame of mind.

a night out has always been the only time i get to dress up and wear my really nice stuff. i have worked with people in the past who always look fabulous, and when they go out they don't look any different. i'm one of those people who turns up to work like they've just crawled out of bed (don't panic, i wouldn't turn up to meetings like that!) and then transform into a more stylish version of myself at the weekend (i sound like ru paul there!)

so, i've been thinking about what too wear on saturday night now, do i go for something more casual and blend in with everyone else or do i become the weird brit, over dressed but incredibly stylish???

i'm thinking of my pink, quite girly dress from asos (it's last seasons so i'll try and take a pic) with my wet look leggings and some fabulous bootandals (my word for a cross between a boot and a sandal!) - i don't actually have the bootandals but persuading the hubby to go shopping on saturday won't be a problem (might cost me a pair of new trainers for him though!)

i found the coolest blog whilst searching for images - based totally around wet look leggings, ace! -

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