Our travel themed wedding invitations


I promised some pictures of my wedding invitations back on this post, back in October.

So, here they are.  I got some great comments on these invitations from our wedding guests and I will be adding these to my Etsy store over the next few days so you can get this invitation style for your own big day.

They are perfect for any destination wedding, just tie the colours in to your theme and away you go!


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20% Off Your First Custom Design!


For 10% off your first order, or 20% off your first CUSTOM order, please email me with the code, STRAWSAVE before 1 March 2010.

Thanks so much!

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FREE NEW DESIGN: Handbag Notelets


Show off your fashion sense with these handbag notelets... Get this one free!
Printable PDF link here.

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NEW DESIGN: Stylish Business Card

Looking for something different to showcase your business?  Don't shy away from colour, embrace it!

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NEW DESIGN: Bright Wedding


Want to show off your great sense of style?  Fed up of boring, traditional wedding invitaitons?
... Then take a look at this bright wedding stationary set!

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Calling card inspiration

Looking at some inspiration for a range of calling cards I am designing...  Simply beautiful.  I'm really loving the square format.

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Colour-in your own outfit!

I love the concept of this colour-in dress by Michiel Shuurman and Berber Soepboer.  This would be a great concept for design your own leggings.

Visit for more details

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A simple design for a greetings card that pays homage to all us designers who are used to creating print ready files and looking at all those print registration marks!

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NEW DESIGN: Mid-Day Crisis


I know i tend to have a mid-day crisis around 3pm every day!  This is often cured by a large cup of coffee and a donut, but now you can celebrate these time by proudly displaying this poster!

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NEW DESIGN: Big Occasion Invitation

An elegant, invitation for a big occasion.

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Save up to Buy!


When browsing on Net a Porter I came across this beautiful bracelet by Maison Martin Margiela.

It is a series of rings joined together to create a bracelet.  I love the idea that a bracelet can be formed out of another piece of jewellery.  I also love the eclectic mix of styles in the different rings used to form the bracelet.

Now we just need to see statement earrings made of different styles of bracelets, or maybe a bracelet made out of earrings!

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NEW DESIGN: I Love London


A special way to show your love for your favourite city, is this cute I love London design...  London not your favourite city?  Then send me suggestions and I will create a new design showcasing your No.1 city.

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NEW DESIGN: Bridesmaid Card

 The first of my new designs, this is a card that you would give to your bridesmaids as a keepsake.  It have 2 small holes in the card that you can put a pair of earrings onto.  This would be your first gift to your bridesmaid and you can theme the card & the earrings to the style of your wedding.

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Ask me anything

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Guest Blog Post - Kind over Matter


I'm guest blogging today for the wonderful Amanda and Jenn of Kind over Matter.

You can check out my post and printables for a amazing Valentine's on a budget here.

Thanks Amanda and Jenn for making me feel so at home!

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