lovely package exchange


yey... i’m so excited to be taking part in the lovely package exchange. i received my swap partner via email on the weekend, the lovely kellie from australia. she has the loveliest blog too – check it our here.

so, for a little overview of the project. basically we have to spend between $20 - $30 on something that your swap partner would love and package it up in the most imaginative, beautiful way possible.

i am so excited about this, this is so up my street. i have so many ideas about what to do that i don’t know where to start! i love the idea of brightening up someone’s day with a beautiful present (and i get one back too!)

so the idea is to take photographs of your little parcel and put them up onto the flickr group.

amazing idea, thanks so much to danni at oh, hello friend for making this happen.

stay tuned for my progress

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h&m arrives!


i'm so excited august 13th marks the arrival of h&m in the mic mac mall in dartmouth, ns.

i've found it really hard finding places to shop over here since moving from the uk nearly 7 months ago. i guess you sort of take it for granted that when you have grown up in a country and lived there for 25 years you instinctively know where to go for certain things.

i still have no idea where to buy things like bras over here in nova scotia - i have yet to find a store that stocks my size (so i get my mum to post little care packages over!)

but h&m i am familiar with. i must admit i didn't shop there much when i lived in the uk. i always found places like topshop and next to be of better quality and have a nicer fit. but h&m will be great for those 'on trend' items that i so struggle to find over here.
affordable prices too!

although i must admit i have fallen in love with the bargain basement in mills! i could have tried on everything down there looking for that amazing bargain.

i settled for the most simple three-quarter sleeve wool dress by karl lagerfeld. reduced to the most amazing price and surely will remain a wardrobe staple long after any of my h&m purchases.

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