fashionable ceramics


this is the work of the most amazing ceramic artist, isabelle bramson.

isabelle is a self-taught ceramics artist producing amazing pieces that remind me of the detailing you find in couture fashion shows. isabelle prides herself on making delicate pieces that still remain functional. i love the precise detail combined with the organic, nautral shape of the porcelain. it's almost as though you can track the paths her hands have made whilst forming the pieces. absolutely beautiful work...

take a look for yourselves, isabelle's pieces can be bought through etsy.

I love the wobbly black lines in this piece, it is so organic

these pieces are almost too beautiful to put anything in them...
... i I love how the light flows through the holes.

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new shoes

i have the most amazing new pair of shoes that my mum brought over for me when she came out to visit a couple of weeks ago...

i just need lots of hot pink and red outfits and accessories to pair with them now!

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