i've found an amazing website and blog... modcloth.

they have the most beautiful clothes and accessories ever, and a great vintage collection of fabulous thift store finds. founded in 2002 by susan koger as an outlet to her obsession with buying vintage clothes, modcloth is a mixture of a fabulous vintage boutique and urban outfitters. it helps you create a totally unique sense of style as you wander through the different elements of the store. their 'one of a kind' section has some great pieces (all sold out unfortunately). it has what i call, the 'better side of vintage' - the really good stylish pieces.

there is so much stuff on this site that i simply can't live without, and they ship to canada, yay!

check out these fabulous finds...

p.s. check out their lovely blog and lookbook too... beautiful!

p.p.s this is so my new favourite website, this is exactly the type of clothes i have been searching for! i had to stop my virtual window shop after picking nearly everything from the 'new items' section.

susan, can i open a store in nova scotia for you guys - this is definitely what we need over here!

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