Prada Creepers


So, the latest fashion fad to come of the runway is the Prada Creeper!  The strange amalgamation of a brogue, an espadrille and a running shoe, this footwear is starting to cause a craze!
Prada stores received a few pairs of the shoes which sold out almost instantly.  Now they are available on a pre-order basis.  The shoes are totally customizable down to the colour and size of platform, and you can expect to receive your very own pair of  Prada Creepers in only 6-8 weeks (perfect for the summer months, I hear you cry!)
Retailing at over $800, they are definitely a luxury purchase.  I'm interested to see which high street stores venture down this path.  I'm undecided on this trend.  They look funky in a strange sort of way, and you can tell they would be really comfortable.  Hey, the even look good with a dress.  I'm just not sure I could get on the bus in the morning without some people looking at me like I had gone crazy with three pairs of shoes and a glue gun!

{Images Courtesy of Grazia Daily}

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