Cacharel A/W 2011 Review - #PFW


Today we saw another customary Cacharel runway show.  Once again we were delighted by simple, light, feminine designs.  We saw a bland colour palette brought to life with excellent cuts, beautiful patterns and layering of multiple fabrics.

Cacharel isn't showy, it's a brand all about simple, elegant style.  they provide a stark contrast to brands like Dolce and Gabbana and Dior, but the garments are every bit as stunning.

I loved the use of intricate patterning on these simple pieces.  It was also great to see layered fabrics - sometimes sheer, sometimes multiple layers of the same fabric.

 I loved the minimalism of this piece.  The nude boots complemented it perfectly.
My favourite piece of the collection! 
The sheer layering of fabrics is perfect on this feminine piece, which was toughened up slightly by pairing with the nude boots.
The curved wooden heels on the boots were great and sat perfectly with the colour palette

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