Weekend Purchases!


Happy Monday!  Over the weekend we ended up on a mini road trip to Moncton, which inevitably involve a wander around the shops!  I initially went to try on the trousers I blogged about earlier. I initially wanted to grab the pale tan pair that were on the newspaper ad I found but my gaze was caught by a pair of vivid orange trousers that looked a lot similar to the Zara pair in my earlier post.
However, as I always find to be the case in H&M.  I couldn't find a size that fit well.  One size was just a tiny bit snug and the next size up was so bit they fell down when I put them on!  I did the tried and tested method or trying a few sizes on in case the measurements differed to no avail.  In this case, $9.95 is definitely too cheap for a good pair of slacks!

So, how to console myself?

With jewellery obviously!

Here are my purchases:

I saw this on one of the mannequins in the store window and ran in straight away to grab it.  I hate real life bugs but love anything like this in necklace (not real) form.  It has really lovely pastel colours on it.  My new Summer staple necklace!
I'm really low on gold earrings and accessories so I opted for this sparkly bow ring
and this value pack of gold and pearl earrings.  Perfect!

Purchases: H&M, Moncton
Bug Necklace - $6.95
Gold Bow Ring - $6.95
9-Pair Pack of Gold/Pearl Earrings - $4.95 (bargain!)

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Jessycalouise said...

Very cute purchases :) Also I love the name of your blog, I <3 strawberries.


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