Blue Skies and Club Monaco


It's finally starting to feel like Spring.  Two days of bright blue skies and sunshine.  I even went out for a walk at lunchtime yesterday without fearing for my life (and my behind) on the icy paths.

I love this time of year.  In February you feel like the winter is never going to end and then suddenly you see the first signs of Spring.  The Winter boots and snow jacket are cast away for cuter, lighter styles and you actually start to feel stylish again!

Here are a few pieces from Club Monaco that will be fantastic for Spring!

 I'm desperate to find a pair of cute trousers like this to wear with brogues and heels this season. I can't find a pair that fits well though. 
I love the floaty maxi dress paired with the harder, more masculine heels.  However, I would team this with a leather jacket instead of the safari style shirt.

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