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I'm embarking on my annual, get in shape for the beach plan, and this weekend I joined a new gym.  This means a whole new outfit is needed, of course!

Whilst on my search, I found this amazing new collection by MICHI over at FASHION Magazine.

The collection was designed by Michelle Watson, based in Toronto, and caters for the market of individuals who want to look stylish while they work out.

Taking a glance through the look book, there are some beautiful pieces.  I love the juxtaposition of different styles of fabrics, and the simple black, slate grey and deep blue colour palette.

As much as I love this collection, and see Michelle's point of view when designing it, I don't feel it is something I could wear to my local gym without getting stares or causing people to fly backwards off of their treadmills.  MICHI's aim is to fill the gap between "provocative, glamorous lingerie and comfortable, utilitarian athletic wear" - which they have definitely succeeded in doing.

Although, I could maybe wear this outfit without causing too much commotion...

... However, this one may cause some heart rate monitors to skip a few beats!
You can follow the latest MICHI updates over at their Twitter feed.

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