Watch-Necklace Envy


It's actually amazing how many necklaces I have.  I love statement necklaces.  They are great conversation starters and liven up any outfit.  However, I find myself wearing the same few pieces over and over.  My current staples are these pieces:

This is my latest piece from Stella & Dot - $44

One of my absolute favourite pieces for dressing up a simple top.  A bargain from Primark - 50p (approx 80c)

My No.1 Conversation Starter! Sir Spook-a-Lot - Approx £20/$32
This is from Lady Luck Rules OK - Who stopped trading a year ago... Sob, sob :(
I couldn't get a good photograph of this for love nor money. 
(That'll teach me to use my BlackBerry to take photos!)

However, I think I need to ditch some of these and go for some new staple pieces.  My current necklace fetish is watch/necklaces.

Whilst I was back in the UK over Christmas, I saw a Topshop necklace that was a working watch, but could I find it for love nor money in Sheffield?  Nope...

I've found a similar one on though which is pretty cute, and definitely a conversation piece.

I think a watch necklace will have to feature amongst my staple neck wear soon.  Urban Outfitters has some fantastic options too.

Or even a compass necklace, you know, in case I get lost in the streets of Halifax!  This could happen!

I also love charm bracelets.  I love this Stella McCartney charm necklace, although at $555, it is a little out of my budget range!

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