Prada Fall 2011 Collection Review - #MFW


As a follow on from my earlier brief post on todays Prada runway show, here are my favourite pieces of the show.

A few pieces followed a very tailored theme.  The bright burnt orange that I'm so fond of for Fall 2011 made a showcase in this piece.

I love the 3/4 length sleeves with the short leather gloves.  I also found the footwear interesting, with snake skin detail and heavy straps creating an almost sock and sandal illusion.  The clutch bag with the wide strap is also a highlight and such a functional piece.

Jackets with drop waists also made an appearance.  This was accentuated with wide belts and large collar lapels - all paying homage to the 70s but adding a 1930s twist.  This was a nice look that gave a dress-like feel to the pieces, livening up an everyday piece into something more stylish.

This fur-collared version is simply stunning.

Most of the other pieces took on a very simple, tailored form.  Almost Chanel-like in design.  This gave the whole show a sense of refined elegance.

We saw glimpses of the colour blocking micro-trend...

... and some strange pieces...

... and some stunning use of sequins.  These looked absolutely amazing shimmering under the catwalk lights.  My favourite look was this piece.

We're seeing a lot of this muted yellow colour on the 2011 shows and I'm really warming to it.  Combined with the fur cape, it creates a lovely silhouette that is more 30's glamour than 70s disco.

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