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Do you remember the catwalks of Spring/Summer 2010? Mainly seen throughout the lingerie look, designers displayed some beautiful pastel shades. This theme touches on some of the elements seen here but adds almost a vintage, worn-in edge to it, bringing in some of the finer detail we have seen on the Spring/Summer2011 catwalks. We steer away from the pastel lilacs, pinks and peaches seen in 1980's and 1990's weddings (yuk!), instead giving the shades a little more edge and sophistication.

Mint Musk - Pantone 753c (25, 0, 16, 0)
Punch - Pantone 7403c (8, 16, 61, 0)
Blush - Pantone 692c (9, 25, 13, 0)
Barely Blue - Pantone 5513c (29, 9 ,15, 0)
Sparkle - Pantone 7535c (22, 20, 34, 0)

As you can see from the colour breakdown, there is no black in any of the colours I have chosen for the palette. I wanted these pastels to have an edge but without too much darkness in them. I would eliminate black all together in this look, even in text, opting instead for a very dark grey.
Fog - Pantone 432c (77, 63, 53, 41)

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1 lovely comments:

faye said...

I love those shades and i'm glad to see spring/summer will be an abundance of colour. Colour always makes me more cheerful tha black.

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