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So, how would I describe the Fall 2011/12 RTW collection by Pucci in three words?

Sexy. Glamourous. Regal

The show was set in the most beautiful building, the Palazzo Serbelloni, which I didn't think would fit the Pucci style, but as soon as the models started walking down the runway, it immediately all meshed together perfectly.

Show Highlights
Here are my highlights of the collection:

 Pointed shoulders and high necklines featured prominently

 The high-waisted pieces were tailored beautifully and gave a  lovely silhouette to the models
 Again we see the influence of fur in the Fall 2011/12 season
 A summer 2011 silhouette continuing into the Fall season
I loved the shape of this dress, with the delicate lace detailing making its way up onto the neckline

Stunning bead work
Beautiful lace work  (and the mustard yellow colour we are still seeing so much of)

An amazing feather dress, the most beautiful shade of blue

This cape was a masterpiece, I loved it!
Just simply beautiful bead work.  Amazing

Pucci Show Review
Peter Dundas delivered another stunning collection of outfits, allegedly inspired by the mountains, although I didn't really get this feeling.  It felt altogether more regal and refined, almost a Victorian inspired collection.  Dundas (of Christian Lacroix and Roberto Cavalli fame) appears to have really found his niche at Pucci over the last three years, creating a gorgeous collection full of beautiful detail and luxurious fabrics.

I was so excited about this Pucci show, especially given that so many design houses are paying homage to the 70's hippy chic girl for Fall RTW 2011/12, I knew that Pucci would knock this trend out of the park.  However, this was a much more refined link than I expected, the bold patterns gave way to beautiful detailing and beading.  There were a few traditional Pucci patterns interspersed in the collection, but the 70's style was explored more in the sexiness and cut of the clothing.

The Pucci Man
There has been much talk in the press of Pucci delivering a menswear range.  It was great to finally see this, and although the pieces were simple, they were tailored beautifully and immediately gave us an impression of how Pucci see the 'Pucci Man' being.

The Pucci Print is Not Gone!
A few pieces of the Fall collection still gave us a glimpse of the Pucci we know and love from the Spring/Summer collection.  These fit in perfectly with the rest of the pieces and added a certain sexiness to the range.

This fabulous low cut look featured a few times in the collection

It was also great to see snippets of the behind the scenes work of the people constructing the outfits before the show.  There's nothing like seeing a messy sewing room floor, it makes you realize how much work is involved in each of these shows, and paid a lovely tribute to the amazing skills of these people.

The ultimate highlight of the show was seeing the Pucci patterns toned down and embellished with beautiful detailing, giving a luxe feel to the brand for Fall 2011/12.

My Favourite Pucci  Piece
My favourite piece of the collection had to be this:
A stunning, floor length piece with sequin detailing down one side.  This intricate detailing went right around to the back of the dress.  The cut and colour were perfect for the model.  Such a fantastic red carpet piece.

{Images Courtesy of the Pucci Live Stream}

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