Vintage Shopping in Halifax


I’ve never been one for browsing around vintage shops.  I find the smell to be the same in all of them and it really puts me off.  Recently I’ve been looking in more and more vintage shops on my travels, especially since I’ve started making my own clothes, in the hopes of finding something that I can alter and make my own.

After living in Halifax for two whole years now, I made the discovery of the most cute little vintage store – Elsies.

Located on Queen Street, it has two floors of treasures.  I only had time for a quick look around today but it is somewhere I will definitely keep returning to.

I’ve discovered the key to vintage shopping is to not get disheartened if you don’t find anything, just set a day every week (if you are close to a vintage store) and browse around.  Eventually you will find the perfect item that was meant just for you.  I'm going to dedicate my lunchtime on Tuesdays to browsing the vintage shops on Queen Street for treasures.

Oh, and wash anything you buy as soon as you get it home to get rid of the strange smell!

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