David Koma Inspired DIY Dresses


I've just found a cool DIY for a dress I had my eye on a few weeks ago - a David Koma design for Topshop.

Looks simple enough. Find a simple LBD, accessorize with bullet casings and add elastic strips along the back!

I also love this David Koma design

A version of this would also be simple to recreate.  This is a skirt and top set but I think it would make a lovely dress.  

Buy a simple black dress, slightly longer than you want the final piece to be.  Trim off an inch from the bottom and re-hem the dress (all will become clear later).  Buy some sheer black material to create an overlay for your dress.  You can easily create your pattern pieces for the overlay using the shop bought dress as a template.  Shape the neckline of the sheer overlay slightly different to the neckline of your original dress so it stands out.  I would hem the edges with a piece of ribbon wrapped over the seam as this will be easier to sew, and will avoid fraying.  Cut the overlay piece two inches shorter than the dress so that the beading detail on the hem of the bottom dress layer can be seen (and so it doesn't snag on the sheer fabric).

Take the strip that you cut from the bottom of your dress and hem the top and bottom.  Attach a press stud to the back so it fits nicely around your waist whilst you are wearing the dress.

Find some large metallic beads, sew around the hem of your dress and on the front of your belt piece, and voilĂ .  A beautiful David Koma-style dress of your very own.

Or, you could buy the original here at Topshop

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