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Thursday and Friday are huge flyer delivery days.  Toward the end of the week our newspaper is plonked outside our door, sending Jurassic Park style ripples through my bedside glass of water. I almost needs a fork life truck to pick the newspaper up on these days!  I love this time of the week, ever since I was a child I loved the day when a new catalogue hit the doorstep.  Be it the Next catalogue, Freeman's’, or even the new edition of the Argos catalogue, I wasn’t fussy, I just knew I had to be the one to open the pages first. I would whisk these catalogues out of the sight of any family member who may have been prowling and run straight up to my bedroom with it in my clammy little hands.  There’s nothing better than hearing the crackle of the static as the pages are opened for the first time, and when that first waft of the sickly paper scent hits your nostrils, you know it’s an exciting time of year.

I love the start of a new season, and catalogues have always been an indicator of this for me.  Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, it’s an excuse to completely restyle yourself by dragging out old faithfuls from your wardrobe and pairing them with new trends.  I will mentally tick off everything in the catalogue I want, no turning down of corners for me, I want to keep the catalogue pristine!

Today, however, 20 year on.  One of the flyers was from Sears.  Instead of the front cover being adorned with fitness great and half price treadmills as I've become accustomed to over the past few weeks, I was confronted with images of women in swimsuits and suitcases.

I stopped in shock.  

Now, I know I've been wishing winter away since November, but am I actually ready to don a swimsuit yet?  Erm, no!  I whizzed through all the prep that needed to be done to prepare myself for summer, exfoliating, moisturising, hair cut, pedicure, manicure.  Clearly my chewed down nails won’t cut a week in the sun.  But in all reality I should be already in full summer prep 

Actually I should exfoliate and moisturise all year, but I just want to wrap up in my bath robe in winter, and really I don’t think I’ve even seen my own toes without socks or tights for the last four months so the pedicure has definitely gone out of the window!  

We were hoping to escape ‘down south’ (I still can’t get the hang of that phrase) for a week at the end of March, and from a rushed glance at my calender this morning, that’s only 7 weeks away!

Can I be beach ready in only 7-weeks?

I think I better start trying!

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