welcome to the world of strawberries and champagne


welcome to the world of strawberries and champagne. i have created this blog to look at all the beautiful things in life, be it fashion, art, design – anything that catches my eye will make it’s way here.

but first, a little bit about why i have created this blog and what i hope to achieve from it. i named my blog strawberries and champagne as i thought it perfectly described an luxurious way of living, and my two favourite things, strawberries and champagne (together they are even better!)

i have recently moved from the uk to atlantic canada and i hoped i could talk about the differences in style, fashion and design. the things i miss and the beautiful things that i have found here. i have a design background but have an immense infatuation with fashion and style and by teaming this with my desire to, one day, become a writer i hope that strawberries and champagne will be an ideal outlet for my creativity.

when researching for this blog i came across a wealth of really talented designers in atlantic canada that i want to promote, encouraging people to look to local resources for that next big fashion find – a sort of farmers market for style.

i also hope to build up an inspiration bank that designers of all fields can look to for inspiration and hopefully add their own ideas to.

so please, keep coming back, this will be an exciting journey and i hope you will join me.

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