the perfect gym wear search - 1.) stella mccartney for adidas


until recently i had not really paid much attention to stella mccartney's adidas collection. however, i was drawn to look at the range in more detail after realizing that every pair of trousers i have for the gym make me look horrendous. whether it's all that standing looking at oneself in the mirror that has given me a complex or that fact that i have never paid more than $20 for a pair of gym trousers in my life, it suddenly dawned on me that something needed to change. here begins the search...

1.) stella mccartney for adidas

i remembered seeing the stella mccartney/adidas collaboration advertising campaigns and immediately thought, 'that's what i need' - fashionable and functional gym wear! also, if i spend more than my usual $20 they may not shrink as badly in the wash. i am a huge fan of sports but really hate sports wear. i just look strange in it. you know how some people can walk around in combats and a baseball cap and look really cool? well i'm not one of those people!

i find the collection to be really similar to sweaty betty - a sports company based in the uk (which may be by number 2 search!). this is also a company that prides itself on being a leader of the 'fashionable' sector of sportswear.

i was also pleased to see that stella has maintained her ethics whilst collaborating with adidas and stands by her promise of not using any animal products in the making of her garments.

so, here are a few of my favourite pieces from the stella mccartney for adidas collection...

i love this outfit - this is how i want to look at the gym!

i love the ruched fabric on this jacket... it's almost too nice to wear to the gym

i adore golf wear, it's tailoring is beautiful and looks so sophisticated.

this 1930's inspired two-piece is stunning - and doesn't reveal too much flesh! perfect for doing lengths at your local swimming pool.

i love the 80s styling of this jacket

p.s. i just wish her models looked a little sportier. i love the photography and i think the action shots of the different sport show off all the detail in the fabric beautifully, but i don't actually believe any of these girls have enough energy to be able to exercise. we need to see healthier, strong women working these pieces in the future.

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