broken bag... broken heart


i am absolutely devastated, my gorgeous hot pink bag has broken. i was only saying to the hubby over the weekend that i could do with a new bag. well to be honest, there was nothing wrong with the bag i lug around all day, everyday but i fancied a change.

then on the way to work on monday, snap... my beautiful bag breaks.

naturally this left me devastated - wishing for something new had killed my perfect pink bag.

i found my bag in a really cheap designer sale and it has lasted me through 6 months of heavy use. it's been with me to las vegas, on our honeymoon, and even came with me when we emigrated so i can't bear to part with it just yet. but i on the lookout for a new bag now.

i quite like this one from bella dawn. i need something versatile so i can throw it across my neck, sling it on my shoulder and pretty much carry it anyway i choose. oh, and i carry a lot of stuff around with me, probably why my bag broke in the first place...

the quest continues...

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