nscad wearable art show 2009


now, i need to apologise for my lack of a review so far on the nscad wearable art show. i’m having a complete dilemma with the images on my camera. i had some problems with my camera last year, the shutter cap wouldn’t open at all. so off it went to get repaired (two weeks before we were due to go off on honeymoon, arrggh! but anyway, it can back all cleaned, shiny and working – and now it has died again!) so i have all these beautiful pictures of the fashion show and no way of showing them until i get the dreaded camera fixed.

so i will send you over to the incredibly cool blog of woof and owl, who post some brilliant content about the best events in and around halifax. their slideshow of the event really captures the mood of the show, and they had a much better view than i did, so head on over here... and enjoy the show!

these are my two favourite pieces...

i love the colour combination on this dress

a cute cape is a great alternative to a jacket

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