anyone after a 26-year old intern?


every time i see a post on sites like fashionista commenting on fashion houses and magazines that are on the search for interns i rush to read the requirements...

..."you’ll assist on photo shoots, run errands and steam clothes with enthusiasm and a smile on your face. they need hard working, dedicated, passionate people to start now. it’s not paid and if you can’t do full time they’d like you to be on-call." (sounds tough but to work on such great magazines as vogue and dazed and confused, i think i could handle it!)

... you must “currently live in new york, know their way around the city, know the subway system, be very interested in fashion styling, know magazines, designers, and photographers, feel comfortable driving in the city, will be doing pick ups and returns, running errands, may get to go on photoshoots, non-paid, start asap, full-time or able to be on call, stylish!” (liz mcclean on her hunt for an "amazing intern.")

... "research info on models, fashion, beauty and charities; basic admin (copying, faxing, filing, sending messengers); assist photo editor and researcher with photo research; contact pr/fashion/beauty companies on behalf of modelinia; etc."

i find this so enthralling, how great would it be to start out again, to be an intern for some fabulous magazine/designer, running around, doing errands and meeting lots of legendary people.

if i could travel back in time i would choose to be a fashionable young thing, living in new york being a general dogsbody for some fabulous diva - i'm certain it would be a dream job! either that or i could win the lottery and be so rich that i could spend all my spare time doing these free jobs (oh no, not i'm sat here daydreaming about winning the lottery!)

so... are there any fashionable bods in nova scotia that need an intern?

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