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on later reflection arriving to a colder climate in the middle of winter was probably not the best idea. the cold weather and constant snow storms mean that i haven't had the chance to really go out and get to know the area and find all it's little gems.

i keep coming across lots of exciting places that i want to visit and i thought i would add these to a map as i find them, hopefully building up a database of nice places to visit in halifax and the rest of nova scotia.

pretty things boutique has to be my number one visit. i found it whilst doing a web search and it looks so interesting. i have never seen a boutique like this and i can only imagine that you would lost track of time looking at and trying on these wonderful clothes. i love people who have a definite sense of style and this looks like the ideal place. defined as 'retro and rockabilly' fashions this is certainly a place to visit if yo are looking for something unique.

the next time i'm downtown, i'm definitely heading over to cunard street to check this little boutique out.

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