spring rain


the walk into work this morning in the spring rain made me think two things…

1. i no longer need to wear my thick winter coat (at least until we have another freak snow storm).
2. this is the perfect time to buy a new spring jacket and umbrella! (any excuse, right!)

last spring i searched and searched for the perfect trench coat and could not find one anywhere. i eventually settled for a plain black trench that i thought ‘would go with anything.’ this was true but it had no style. i think i have now found my dream trench coat, all from a quick search on

i love the 60’s styling of this jacket, and the colour is something i never would have gone for before, but with dark hair and blue eyes i think i could carry it off. this jacket is handmade by the fabulous designer amanda archer (who deserves a blog post all of her own).

anyway, after finding the most beautiful coat i needed an umbrella to match it. i have to admit i find parasols so much more beautiful than umbrellas (especially the ones made of lace)…

…but these are not practical for the spring rain. i then thought, maybe i want a vintage looking umbrella, but nothing i found inspired me. this led me to look at marc jacobs’ latest collection and here we have it… a beautiful baby blue and white patterned umbrella…

…and a matching bag!

now i just have to wait for pay day!

p.s. i also adore charm bracelets, so this must go on the list too!

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