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oh no, i am now addicted to another website! i remember looking at this site a while ago but i had forgotten all about it until i was drawn to again after reading this blog post on some girls wander. the post discussed the difficulties in finding the perfect fitting blouse. i too have this problem. the only shirt that i can get that nips in perfectly at the waist and that doesn't gape at the bust is from bravissimo, but their styles are sometimes a little old fashioned and dated.

style shake is the answer to all my problems! basically what you do it create either a top, dress or skirt to your own design - select your fabric and style and voila your own personal design is created within 10 working days. you can choose from various styles, if you want sleeves, what you want the sleeves to look like, etc. hey you could even take inspiration from your favourite celebrity's latest new look!

i think this would be best for simple styles, like my well-fitting shirt example above, but i would be intrigued to how far you could push style shake.

here are my eva longoria parker and victoria beckham collection trials...

mmm.. think my design skills need more work, but honestly imagine these created to your exact measurements - they would fit like a dream.

i'm definitely going to try this site out, shipping to canada is only $27 and takes two weeks, certainly a bargain!

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