topshop – oh how i miss you!


topshop has always been a favourite store of mine in the uk, not for its capsule trends which you have to be uber stylish and stick thin to carry off, but more for the great bargain finds you can pick up on the sale racks. you are guaranteed to find things that you never noticed before in the store but on a quick rummage through the sale rack, there it is, a perfect classic dress/top/sweater… and yes, it’s in my size!

the sale racks are also a great place to find pieces from kate moss’ topshop collection, which i always found a little overpriced – especially for the beautiful embellished tops and dresses.

anyway, how does this relate to my life in nova scotia? well, today topshop opens a store in new york, on broadway and broome. not that i’ve ever been to new york but i would sooooo love to go, but i see this as a sign that topshop is making it’s way into american (and hopefully soon, canadian) hearts.

pay a visit to it has been a favourite of my friends and colleagues for many years and the design work and logos they come up with are stunning – they definitely understand their target audience.

here are a few things from kate moss’ very art deco inspired collection that i’m hoping to come across in the sales racks next time i head back to the uk…

i love the detailing on this jacket

how cute would this look over a pair of deep blue skinny jeans?
this art deco style top is as beautiful from the back as the front

i love this gorgeous shift dress with all it's diamante detail

(…oh and they have the best jewellery too, wonder if they ship to canada?)

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