eek - summer!


i always find the first venture into spring/summer wear a little daunting after the long winter months. i was just indulging in some virtual window shopping (vws) and felt a surge of panic when i saw the summer collections.

fair enough, i now live in nova scotia and the weather is a bit more brutal than in the uk so that may be the reason for my fear! i think i am also entering that ‘weird’ age where i walk past stores like garage (which i can only liken to miss selfridge/ tammy girl in the uk – if that even still exists) and i feel not only a sense of nostalgia for the girls grabbing vest tops and teenie tiny shorts from the racks but also a deep sense of panic when i realise that i am now getting ‘too old’* to dress like that anymore. (*apparently you’re only as old as you feel!) etsy!

Iwant to still be able to trot around town wearing a tank top and bikini bottoms whilst on a pair of roller skates (hang on, i don’t think i have ever done that – but it’s great to imagine that i once did!)

so i think the plan of action is to primp, preen and polish myself to get myself feeling more in the mood for summer. also, a spot of vws may help...

...more to follow.

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