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i received an email last week from dawn, the founder of bella dawn boutique. this is what drew me to check out the website during the start of my search for a new bag. dawn del russo opened her boutique bella dawn in new jersey back in 2004 and now her fantastic style advice is available to us all at

bella dawn's aim is to "offer chic affordable celebrity style fashion and accessories." by flicking though some of the pages on the website you can see great versions of all the current trends at really good prices.

dawn also offers her style advice on a more personal level through the style services area of her website. here you can choose various options to suit your budget from an phone/email consultations on your style and wardrobe right up to a personalised shopping expedition where your very own stylist works at creating a fabulous new you.

this is a great website, ideal for when the depression hits you as you flick through the pages of vogue mentally marking things you want but could never afford. take a trip over to bella dawn and find a great alternative.

keep posted for a virtual window shop of great must buys from the bella dawn site.

i really hope they ship to canada!

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