next purchase - winter is around the corner


i thought i would share my next purchase with you... it was actually my hubby who spotted these as we were walking down barrington street in halifax, he grabbed me and said you're going to love these! he knows me so well.
anyone who knows me will know of my obsession with anything that promotes fitness during everyday tasks (mbt's fit flops, etc)... so when fit flops came out i had to be one of the first to get them. i remember the only place i could get them at first was in harrods in the uk. on a day trip to london i knew i had to buy them but the thing that disappointed me most was that it was the middle of winter. now i know the winters aren't that bad in the uk but it's not flip flop weather. actually all in all you probably only get around two flip flop wearing weeks a year in the uk, the rest of the year being miserable and damp. sorry if i offend any fellow brits but you all know it's true!

anyway, back to the boots... here's another picture to bring me back onto the subject.

i love these but i'm not sure if i would wear them

now this is a marvelous idea, and i'm certain i would get much more wear out of these. another thing that annoys me with flip flops is that the toe posts irratate me after a while. the only thing that freaks me out a little is that they are designed for you to wear them with no socks on. i've tried this with my ugg boots and i'm not overly keen.

i'm going to have the tightest buns in halifax this winter when i buy these!

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