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Setting up a wedding gift list can be a daunting task. First of all you need to find a store that both of you, as a couple, like. You also have to consider what your needs are when you first start out your married life.
Many couples already live together before they get married and so have all the generic household gadgetry that you would originally think of when choosing a wedding gift. We are also seeing the growing trend of couple's each having a house of their own that they sell to buy a 'martial' house once they are married... this results in having two sets of everything, so sometimes material objects are not the way forward for an ideal wedding gift.
I know many couples who think the only solution for them in this situation would be to ask for money. We ended up doing this for our wedding as we were emigrating to Canada soon after the wedding, packing up as much of our belongings as we could afford to take and leaving the rest behind. Taking heavy gifts with us wouldn't have been an option, but we also felt really bad about asking people for money. It seems really cheeky and we were scared of giving out the wrong impression.
UponOurStar is a website that could solve this problem. Instead of asking for money, the bride and groom can ask for donations towards 'wishes' that they have. Be it a new home or a dream vacation, all your wishes can become reality.
Upon registering, the couple is given a custom web page, like with most other online gift registry sites. Guests are invited to 'donate' to their wishes via an e-invite and after the wedding the money is transferred into the couple's bank account so they can live our their dreams.
This is a nicer solution than asking for money as people really feel they are contributing to a cause, giving you life experiences that otherwise you simply couldn't afford.
The only downfall is the 6% transaction fee that guests are charged. This may mean that you get a smaller gift than was originally intended as people counter balance this fee.
One idea could be to ask people for money, but give them a little notelet to fill in to tell you what they would like you to spend you money on...
We did this for our wedding, which people thought was a nice touch. They still felt in control of the gift they were giving us without the hassle of going out to buy anything!

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Sara said...

We took a similar approach for our wedding and used to set up multiple cash gift "funds" titled things like "house renovations." We had a few non-cash items we wanted, so we added those as well. It was really nice to have everything in one place and we ended up getting more than enough cash to cover the things we needed that don't fit in a gift box!

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