Easily collect all your guests wedding photographs


Gone are the days of disposable cameras on tables, now a website has been created to gather all your guests images in one place.
Now, you may be thinking that you can do all this within Facebook. Which you can but Facebook would rely on your guests posting photographs onto their profile and tagging you in the image to make sure you see everything that is added.
I know in the past I have seen people post wedding photographs within another album, say for instance 'July 2009' so if you aren't tagged as being part of the photograph you may never see it.
Olapic works in a different way.
They provide the cards and email templates that inform your guests of the details of where to upload their images. You can also track who has uploaded image and who hasn't.
Images can be downloaded in bulk and at a high res quality, perfect to pop into an album. You can also order prints through the website.
Your images remain private until you choose to publish them.
The demo video is really cute too, you can see it here. As well as a simple overview.

Because we know it's always friends who get the most entertaining wedding pictures. They get the true essence and fun of the wedding.

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