Wedding Trend Review 2009


At the beginning of a new year I find it is always beneficial to take a run through of the previous years trends.

So, here is a brief run-through of the most exciting wedding trends of 2009 - and here's looking forward to 2010.

1. Male Engagement Rings.

I find this to be an unusual trend, but why should men feel excluded at this happy time. Why should women have all the fun (and sparkle!)

2. Themed Weddings.This is a continued growing trend. We are not only talking about Las Vegas style weddings, but more subtle themes exploring something couple's have in common, be it a love of gaming or a certain food type... No matter how subtle your theme it is a great starting place for planning any wedding.

3. Unusual Bouquets.An interesting trend that I decided to use for my wedding back in 2008 was a bouquet made from brooches. I was getting married abroad and wanted a bouquet I could transport to my wedding and use back at the reception at home. Other unusual bouquets may be created from felt or feathers, providing the perfect accompaniment to your wedding dress or theme. Also, this is a great keepsake and something that you can pass down as a heirloom.

4. Romantic Wedding Getaways.These have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Gone are the days where you can only get married in a hotel resort abroad. Specialized companies are now set up to give you any wedding you choose. Be it a secluded island or an ice hotel, the choice is yours.

5. Descriptive Wedding Invitations.Your wedding invitation is no longer just a piece that tells people where and when your wedding is, it should tell a complete story on how you met. Giving your guests a snippet into your lives together is such a beautiful personal touch.

6. Eco Weddings.Give something back to the environment after your wedding, ask people to offset the carbon footprint of your honeymoon, or give guests environmentally friendly favors like tree seedlings.

7. Maternity Wedding Dresses.The most beautiful wedding gowns are now available in maternity sizes. Following on from the trend of high street stores holding maternity ranges this gives women the chance to feel both beautiful and fashionable on this special occasion.

8. Multi-function Wedding Dresses.This is a relatively new trend that I'm hoping we will see more of over the coming years. My wedding dress is still wrapped up in the suitcase that I brought it home from our wedding reception in. I absolutely love this dress, but would never be able to wear it again. I would love it if it was multifunctional so that I could shorten it or take pieces from it to add to other outfits - but I don't dare cut it up.

9. Whimsical Weddings.I love that people feel comfortable enough now to really be themselves on their wedding day. I love that people don't feel that need to have a white gown, that it doesn't have to be floor length and that they can be proud of the skin they are in tattoos and all. Here's celebrating beautiful people on their special day.

Creating this list has made me so excited for what is to come in 2010. I hope you will join me on my journey.

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