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i can’t believe it’s november already, which means we’ve been living in canada almost a year now, and have nearly come full circle season-wise.  it is really starting to feel cold now, although we have still been having some beautiful fall days... (note how easily i slipped ‘fall’ into that sentence.. ahem, i mean autumn!)  the brisk autumn days we are having at the minute remind me a lot of england in december.  there’s a certain fresh air smell in autumn, when you breathe in and the air feels clean and cold – that only i seem to understand, everyone else thinks i’m a little strange!

the weather forecasters are predicting our first snowfall this weekend, i actually saw someone putting their snow plow onto the front of their truck yesterday which made me want to run home and hide under the duvet for the next 6 months!

i swear my fashion sense takes a plummet at this time of year.  whenever i dress up to go out i end up being really cold.  i’m still refusing to wear gloves yet although everyone else around me has succumbed already.  i just think i wouldn’t be wearing gloves at this time of year in england.  i can’t get my head to fully accept that i live in a colder climate and i should in fact dress accordingly.  It seems like 2 seconds ago that I packed away the Ugg boots for the summer and here we are again, best friends for another 5 months!

so yep, at the minute i’m resorting to walking to work in a padded gilet.  something i would never have worn at home unless i was on a hike, but it’s so cold in the mornings that i just want to bundle up and get to work as soon as i can...

so while i sit here trying to warm up my mouse hand (which is perpetually freezing, how does that happen?) i’m going to dream of all the nice winter clothes i would wear if
1.    i had a car to get me to work so i don’t have to wear 3,000 layers to work
2.    i could actually get up that 30 minutes earlier in the morning to make myself look presentable
3.    oh yeah, i had the money to buy all this stuff.

enjoy, and let me know how you stay fashionable in the cold weather...

this english gal is still learning!

i really want a body con dress like this for the winter months - although the bare legs may be a bit much in this climate

this is a perfect casual look for winter and looks so warm an cozy

this is how i would like to roll into work during the winter months.  warm but still stylish and professional.

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