can you guess the logo?


i was discussing last week about how certain logos are recognisable without any colour whatsoever.  once a brand becomes so mainstream that anyone could recognise it's logo...  as i'm hoping you did with the coca cola logo above.  there is even a guess the logo game that just proves how little of a logo you actually need to see in order to recognize it. 

the brands we see every day become imprinted in our minds.

eco-trend - colourless coke can

that's why i was so excitied to see this concept from ryan hoon and harc lee featured on lovely package.  they took the approach of creating a coca cola drinks can with no paint on the can.  the logo and details are instead embossed onto the bare metal.  this can be easily done during the actual production process of the can and would be so much more beneficial for the environment.  the aluminium could be recycled more easily without having to remove the paint during the melting process.

i'm sure this is something we would all like to see on the supermarket shelves in the near future.

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