A Fresh Start


So, a computer mishap which resulted in all my design files disappearing into virtual nothingness has made me rethink myself and my blog.  Was I doing what I really wanted to do?  Was I heading down the right path?

I needed to disappear off the radar for a few weeks to really think about this.  Yes, I could easily recreate the files that I lost, but did I want to?

I took some time to think about what I really wanted to do, what skills I wanted to learn to push myself and I realised what I had known all along.  My true passion lies in fashion and clothes.  From the colours and patterns of the fabric to the shapes that are cut out of the sheets of fabric to piece together to make garments, I love all of this.

I have never made my own clothes before, but please join me on my journey over the next few months as I attempt to make my own capsule wardrobe for spring/summer 2011.

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2 lovely comments:

ginger bred said...

Good luck with your new venture and direction... it's going to be an amazing journey and I'm with you all the way! :) x

Kirsty said...

It sounds like fun! Keep us posted on your adventures, successful and the learning experiences :)

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